Traditional recipes

Arepa with mince

Artichokes “alla villanella” with potatoes
Aurora’s Scabes

Baby chicken and butter bean curry with peanut butter rice
Cold beetroot soup
Fast honey cake
Fish cutlet

Manti – Samosa filled with Beef and Yoghurt
Russian Pierogi
Steak and onion pie
Topfenblattln with Sauerkraut and Applesauce
Welsh Cakes
Orange Salad
Stinging nettle soup
Apple squirrels
Banana Loaf
Chicken Biryani
Creamy macaroni with salmon
Fat cakes
Fish curry
Fish pie
Lamb Curry
Leek Pie
Lemon cake
Potatoes with minced meat
Rhubarb Cruble
Scones (plain, fruit, cheese)
Chilli infused shephards pie, served with cabbage and beetroot
Vegetables and lentils stew with herb cobblers
Chicken/okra/ with peas and rice