Creamy macaroni with salmon

Name, Surname:
Irene Cole; 69, from Liverpool, born in Liverpool with Caribbean origin

I cook this dish whenever I am in a hurry as I find it quick and easy and nearly always I have the ingredients in my cupboard and fridge.

Difficulty Level
Difficulty Level I

How much does it take to prepare it?
15 min

How much does it take to cook it?
20 min

Cooking utensils What are the necessary tools for cooking the dish?
Pan, chopping board, dish

People For how many people?
10 people

Ingredients List of ingredients with quantity.
1kg of macaroni
8 fillets of salmon
3 mixed peppers
300g mushrooms
300g carrots
300g tomatoes
1 bunch of spring onion
2 tubes of double cream
Season to taste

Boil macaroni, grill or oven cook salmon.
Chop, slice thinly vegetables, mix gently in a bowl with the cream and vegetables. Add season at choice.
When macaroni is cooked drain and put in a bowl and pour cream and vegetables over. Add salmon or and fold into the pasta gently.

Practical tips and secrets Any secret to make the recipe tastier?
Herbs and season to individual taste make it really versatile

Seasonal tips and secrets Which season is the best time for having the dish? Why?
Any time using seasonal vegetables.

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