Lemon, ginger and mint infusion

Name, Surname:
Dede Farrelly; 61, Britain

Personal story:
This remedy has been used in my family in Pakistan for over 3 generations. It is used a lot in Pakistan. It has been passed down from my great grandmother to me and now I have taught my children.

Which health diseases can this remedy help to heal?
I often use this method when my stomach bloats up and I feel uncomfortable in my clothes.

Difficulty Level:
Difficulty Level I

Plant / Natural ingredients used: List of ingredients with quantity
1 lemon, 2 inch of fresh root ginger, 15-20 fresh mint leaves, large jug of mineral water.

Slice very thinly your lemon and place at the bottom of jug. Slice and peel ginger as thin as possible add to jug. Quickly rinse and shred your mint leaves add to jug. Pour over mineral water and soak overnight give a good stir, and have with your meal.

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