Hobblebush berries with honey

Name, Surname:
Ernesta Mosteikaite; 21, Lithuania

Personal story:
I learned this recipe from my mother. I was a sick child and suffered from bronchial asthma. My parents gave me hobblebush berries and honey syrup to alleviate the dry cough during asthma attacks. I did not like the syrup because hobblebush berries tasted bitter; however it helped during asthma attacks.

Which health diseases can this remedy help to heal?
Coconut water acts as detox, it helps treat back pain, urine infections helping to cleanse the bladder.

Difficulty Level:
Difficulty Level I

How much does it take to prepare it? 15 min.

Cooking utensils: What are the necessary tools for cooking the remedy?
A jar.

Plant / Natural ingredients used: List of ingredients with quantity
Ripe hobblebush berries 0.5 l, natural honey 0.5 l.

Wash, stem and dry ripe fruit. Fill half of 1 l jar with stemmed fruit. Top the jar with honey. Close the jar and keep for 7-10 days until the honey extracts juice from the berries. The remedy is ready when all the honey melts and the berries are soaked in reddish syrup.

Practical tips and secrets: Any secret to make the recipe tastier?
If there is empty space in the jar, top it with more honey. Both syrup and berries can be used. Do not eat the seeds. Use only a dry spoon to avoid water getting into the jar.

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