Chamomile compress for tired eyes

Name, Surname:
Maria Nowak-Szabat; 30, Poland

Personal story:
This is a very traditional and easy natural remedy from Poland. I remember using it a lot when I was studying and reading a lot.

Difficulty Level:
Difficulty Level I

How much does it take to prepare it? 15 min.

How much does it take to cook it? 2 min.

Tools What are the tools needed to prepare the course?
1. Kettle
2. Cup
3. Two pieces of cotton

People For how many people?

Plant / Natural ingredients used: List of ingredients with quantity
¼ cup of boiling water
small place to cover the cup
2 tea bags of chamomile tea
two pieces of cotton (optionally)

1. Boil the water.
2. Put the tea bags inside, and cover the cup.
3. Let it soak for few minutes, and then uncover the cup and wait until the infusion has a body temperature.
4. Use the teabags as compresses or soak the two pieces of cotton in a liquid and place it on your eyes.
5. Leave it at least for 10 minutes.

Practical tips and secrets: Any secret to make the recipe tastier?
It’s good before going to bed. You can also drink the chamomile tea. It supports the kidneys very much connected with dark circles or bags under the eyes.

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