Name, Surname
Rosaria Puleo; 62, from Italy
Mariella Mocilla; 67, from Italy
Maria Randazzo; 57, from Italy
Giusi Ministeri; 58, from Italy
Barbara Randazzo; 42, from Italy

Personal story
Remedy used in Sicilian families, after the typical summer lunches

Which health diseases can this remedy help to heal?
For digestive troubles

Difficulty Level
Difficulty Level I

How much does it take to prepare it? 2 min.
How much does it take to cook it? 2 min.

Cooking utensils What are the necessary tools for cooking the remedy?
Pan, Knife.

People For how many people?
1 person.

Plant / Natural ingredients used List of ingredients with quantity
1 cup of water, 1 lemon cut in half, 2 bay leaves, Sugar.

Wash and cut the lemon. Put it in water and boil for 15 minutes. Leave it soaking and add bay leaf. Sweeten to taste. Warm it up and drink.

Practical tips and secrets Any secret to make the recipe tastier?
Do not store it. Sweeten it with honey. Drink it immediately, warmed up with sugar or honey to taste.

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