Remedy with baobab leaves

Name, Surname:
Therese Niankoye Grovogui; 29, Guinea

Personal story:
This remedy is linked to my family, particularly to Guinean culture.

Difficulty Level:
Difficulty Level I

How much does it take to prepare it?15 - 20 min.

How much does it take to cook it?10 min.

Tools What are the tools needed to prepare the course?

People For how many people?
1 - 2

Plant / Natural ingredients used: List of ingredients with quantity
Abundant water (5 litres)
Baobab leaves
Lemon (1/2 kg)

Wash the leaves.
Chop the lemon in two halves and put everything in the pot. Put abundant water in the pot and then add the baobab leaves and boil the lemon. Cover the pot. When you take off the pot from the flame, put its content in a bucket. Cool it down with a cup little by little. It must be lukewarm, not cold.
Bathe with this water, black soap and a sponge.

Practical tips and secrets: Any secret to make the recipe tastier?
Before bathing, you have to take a tissue and put it on the forehead in order to cover the bucket with the baobab water. Breathing this hot water for 10 minutes purifies the respiratory ways.
This remedy is also useful against malaria.

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