Training Course Brochure

The ALCE consortium has developed an exciting new international training course based on the ALCE fundamental notions for adult education staff and will be launched in 2015!

The ALCE project will continue to share its experiences, results and impact at local and European level in the adult education field through the development of new training opportunities for adult educators. The ALCE Training Course planned for summer 2015 is a 5 day training course based on the exploitation of ALCE’s learning and teaching principles and will be offered to professional staff working in Europe with adult learners.

The course will focus around 2 main pillars:
• Senior and migrant women’s intangible knowledge transmission in Europe
• Concepts, activities and tools to ensure ALCE serves as a practical example on how to promote recognition and validation of key competences acquired through non-formal learning.

ALCE fundamental notions include intercultural dialogue, intergenerational dialogue, gender issues, social integration and cohesion, heritage transmission and multiple discrimination.

Click here to download the training brochure and to find out more information on how you and your organisation can participate!