After having actively participating in ALCE training course, Rosa and Mariella decided to go for a new adventure and volunteer abroad for one month.

Their experience in the UK has just come to an end, but they enjoyed it so much that they would do it again!

GIVE ME 50 +" is a volunteering project, addressed to people over 50, funded by EU Lifelong Learning Programme 4 Italian seniors shared with Rosa and Mariella this interesting volunteering experience in North- West England, a few kilometers far from the city of Liverpool.

The Italian volunteers were welcomed by the VCA Wirral association. They were involved in its daily activities and in the organization of special events. Their main tasks included: gardening and growing organic vegetables supporting elder people, who live in that area, helping out in recreational activities for groups of children and their grandparents, assisting intercultural group activities for young people and participating in health awareness campaigns. Moreover, they attended English lessons every morning.

The hosting association, VCA Wirral, promoted also some non-formal and playful moments for senior volunteers and the local community. Besides, volunteers had the opportunity to learn more about local history and culture thanks to the visits scheduled during their free time Among their best English experiences, Rosa and Mariella will always remember: the day they painted a huge mural on a school wall, by drawing messages of peace and intercultural dialogue and when they were able to do shopping all by themselves... speaking English!