SIC - Seniors Initiatives Centre, Lithuania

is an association working with seniors and for seniors. Main goals of SIC is to encourage active citizenship of seniors by strengthening their self-confidence and promoting their personal fulfilment through informal learning activities building their digital competences and equipping them with the skills that they need in order to cope with change and remain active in society. In cooperation with professional educators SIC offers training courses to senior citizens under national and international programs; explores the needs of adult learners and encourages seniors to use computers and internet for work, leisure and communication. SIC also recruits volunteers and motivates leaders of voluntary movement who are strong enough in spirit to influence others and offer services to senior people suffering from or at risk of social exclusion. SIC distributes knowledge and skills in order to build bridges of tolerance between generations and nationalities.

Contact information

SIC – Association Seniors Initiatives Centre

Phone: +37 (0) 37200178

Krevos g. 9 -2
44236 Kaunas, Lithuania