ALCE – Appetite for Learning Comes with Eating

ALCE is an innovative and participative project that brings together women from various social, cultural and ethnic backgrounds as well as two different age groups. Through a series of group activities that address knowledge acquisition, capacity training, and intercultural and intergenerational exchange, the project aims to develop learners' skills, build durable networks and promote dialogue between the various groups that make up contemporary society.

ALCE is a two- year Grundtvig Multilateral project under the Lifelong Learning Programme that will take place from the 1st of November 2012 to the 31st of October 2014 .

ALCE partners

ALCE targets

ALCE is addressing different short and long term target groups. The direct target groups are Native senior women over 60 years old & Young migrant women between 18 and 40 and Adult Trainers.

ALCE objectives

  • Promoting the integration of social groups subject to multiple discrimination;
  • Promotion of acquisition of key competences through non-formal learning processes;
  • Fostering intercultural and intergenerational dialogue;
  • Exchanging culinary traditions and natural curative methods.

ALCE planned results

In 2013

  • Active learning training course (ALTC) in 5 countries
  • EU course about creation of cultural events
  • EU roadmap of cultural events
  • Recipe book created by women participating in ALTC in 5 countries

In 2014

  • Pedagogical Manual
  • Dissemination Seminar

Active Learning Training Course

The learning phase during ALTC will be based on exchange of culinary traditions and natural curative methods, cultural events, learning mobility, the creation of a recipe book, gathering traditional recipes and remedies and the creation of pedagogical manual on innovative approaches to stimulating inter-generational and intercultural learning and promote recognition & validation of non-formal learning.

Kick-off meeting

A Kick-off meeting was held in Palermo from the 17th to the 19th of January. The meeting included a first training session – Training of Trainers - given by the trainers from each partner organization, based on peer learning.


The result of the first phase of preparation for the Active learning training course are the Guidelines for the Active Learning Training Course created by trainers of the project. The Guidelines for the 2 months course will be soon available on ALCE website.

CESIE (Italy) and SIC (Lithuania) started their training sessions in April and are so far highly satisfied with the cohesion of their respective groups, the enthusiasm and dedication of the participants and the variety of both tangible and intangible results. More information about the sessions can be found on the ALCE website (under construction) at or the project Facebook page

The Active Learning Training Course (ALTC) will last two months and include weekly meetings. The training sessions will include both practical workshops in the kitchen along with activities that allow the women to reflect and share on themes such as knowledge transmission, discrimination, gender and intercultural dialogue. At the end of the project, the participating women will receive a certificate of participation attesting the key competences acquired.

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